IndyHub was started by a group of passionate independent workers who believe independent workers deserved a better option for benefits. 

The issue

The majority of workers do not work a full-time job with a single employer. The future of work is here, but the infrastructure around work has not changed in decades.

Our solution

We believe every worker should have access to benefits. Part of this is having an easy, straightforward way to purchase insurance and savings. But our vision is much broader. At IndyHub, we believe companies should contribute dedicated funds to workers' benefits, and workers should have the power to decide how to use those funds. IndyHub, free to companies and workers, administers the contributed funds and helps workers decide which insurance and savings products will provide the greatest protection.

Our focus

We will do what it takes to guarantee economic protections for independent workers. We're creating a system where people have savings, not debt; where people can make an insurance claim, not a bankruptcy filing. A world where people can focus on how to build a career and a life, not worry about the next crisis and rent payment. We won't stop until we've made this happen.

Our products

In order to give workers the greatest choice and flexibility, IndyHub provides a complete range of insurance and savings products. These include health, life, home, renters, auto, disability, dental and vision insurance as well as health savings accounts.